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"Trading and Risk Management Move On-Line"
Derivatives software vendors are frantically transforming themselves into ASPs to offer pricey client-server packages to a wider user base. But banks are also getting into the act, building ASP applications that will give clients access to sophisticated technology previously beyond their reach.
Risk management is impossible if the technology can't support it. Incompatible and downright recalcitrant systems prevent managers from collecting data from various desks and locations in one place. Here's how we've analyzed the problems facing enterprise-wide risk management over the years.

"Electronic Derivatives Trading for Idiots"
You don't have to be an idiot to be confused by all the efforts to move derivatives trading on-line. Banks, interdealer brokers, exchanges and new Internet companies are all urging clients to give up telephone, fax and e-mail in favor of a bewildering variety of electronic trading interfaces. This package of articles examined all the e-commerce initiatives affecting the derivatives market.
"Internet Fever"

"The Electronic Threat"
"The Future of Trading"
"What Internet Revolution?"

Roundtable: "Reinventing the Business Plan"
Jim Vinci, co-lead partner in financial services at PricewaterhouseCoopers, asked a panel of e-capital-markets experts to critique each other in this roundtable discussion.