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January 2001 || Vol.6, No.1
Chess Grandmaster Plots Credit Strategy…Edson Mitchell, 1953–2000…Briefly

Zoologic's e-Learning

A One-Stop Credit Risk Portal…A New Electronic Broker For Swaps…eNotes

The Great Pretender

The Derivatives Strategy 2001 Rankings
The year's best in eight key categories: best overall dealer, best Euroland dealer, best interdealer broker, best credit derivatives dealer, best currency derivatives dealer, best interest rate derivatives dealer, best equity derivatives dealer, and best equity derivatives research house.

What's A Default?
Most credit derivatives dealers thought they knew the answer—until a few high-profile events threw the market into question.

Credit Derivatives Roundtable: The Documentation Debate

The World According to Lesley Daniels Webster

Risk in Practice
Drilling Down to the Cash Flows
Sumitomo's risk system builds cash flows from thousands of instruments into a global river of data.