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Doug Harris Joins Andersen

Doug Harris, the former senior deputy comptroller at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, had been commuting to Paloma Partners Management Co. in Greenwich, Conn., from his home on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and the two-hour subway-train-cab reverse commute had begun to wear on him. He was recently offered a new job as partner in Arthur Andersen's derivatives and risk management group. A drastically shorter subway ride may add a couple years or so to his life if he plays it right. "It's so quick now, he says, "I don't even have a chance to read much of the paper.

Andersen promised to put Harris to work advising banks about the intricacies of financial risk management policies and procedures, capital markets, derivatives trading, strategic planning, sales practices, compensation and new products, among other things. Harris insists, however, that commuting time played no part in his decision. "This was just a wonderful opportunity. I joined as a partner, and this is a rapidly growing area. I've gotten in with a good firm on a small but strong team.


  • Alec Petro has been tapped by BNP/Cooper Neff Advisors to start up a new proprietary desk. He previously served as global head of foreign exchange options at Banque Nationale de Paris.
  • Paribas has named Shahriar Shahida global head of emerging market fixed-income sales and trading. He was promoted from head of the second domestic high-yield group in the United States.
  • Sean Hallahan has been named executive vice president of marketing and strategic alliances at Inventure. He has moved from TIBCO, where he was director of North American business development.
  • The Chicago Mercantile Exchange has named Roger Jones managing director, Europe. He had served as head of European marketing at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell.
  • The Chicago Board Options Exchange reelected Thomas Ascher vice chairman and chairman of the executive committee. It also named Silas Keehn, a former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and Robert Birnbaum, a past president and chief operating officer at both the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange, to its board of directors.
  • The Bank of Montreal promoted Christine Cromarty from director of global financial sales responsible for hedge fund coverage, to director of credit derivatives.
  • The Bank of America has named Alan Douglas to head its new Eastern European currency unit in the London office of its global capital markets group. He had served as head of the Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and African local currency groups at HSBC Midland.
  • CIBC has promoted Albert Yu from head of structured products marketing to head of structured products for North America.
  • Deutsche Borse has opened a representative office in Chicago, headed by Heike Eckert, who is responsible for marketing and business development.
  • Theresa Adams, Brian Donnally and Woodward Crim Hoffman, three of the original founding partners of Principia Partners, have purchased the interests of the other three partners and are now the exclusive owners of the company.
  • Enterprise Technology Corp. has named Alec Steingart and Russell Glisker managing directors and partners, and Don Berliner vice president. Steingart was promoted from vice president. Glisker was formerly a vice president at Autranet Inc. Berliner had served as chief information officer of the Kenmar Advisory Corp.

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