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December/January 1997 || Vol.2, No.1

David DeRosa's New Fund
Plus: From BT to NT...Networking For Success...Philately Hones Hedging Skills

A Promising Inaugural for Listed E-flex Options
Plus: New Grass Roots Risk Group...Oil Industry Gets Poor Marks for Disclosure

Regulatory Watch
FASB Faces Its Critics
Will two new proposals spur a compromise?

Test Drive
Panorama's Wide, Wide Take on Risk Managers' Needs
This new (and so far only) NT-driven total risk package is developing a following.

Tech Notes
Low-end VAR Packages for Corporates.
VAR calculators designed specifically for corporates are coming your way.

Review: Risk Insights

Exchange Notes
The Case for MATIF's CAC

Dealer Desk
FIMAT's Lewis Goldman and Leon Tatevossian help investors analyze knotty derivative trades.


RORAC Demystified
Price Waterhouse's Ken Ferrara and Shyam Venkat explain how Return on Risk Adjusted Capital is now helping nonbank financial institutions and corporates build customized, firmwide risk and performance measurement methodologies that go beyond VAR and other market risk methodologies.

Interest Rates
The Risk Point Method
Ravi E. Dattatreya, senior vice president at Sumitomo Bank Capital Markets, explains a new method for assessing and managing yield curve risk.


The Long-Awaited Arrival of Credit Derivatives

Credit derivatives are finally being used to manage the last remaining dimension of financial risk.
By Robert McDermott

Insurance Derivatives Catch Fire

For years, waiting for insurance derivatives was like waiting for Godot. He never showed. Now at last the wish is turning into reality.
By John Thackray

Taming Hitachi's Currency Risk

Treasurer Marsha Prentiss uses a variety of tricks to manage the company's huge multinational exposures.
By Nilly Ostro-Landau

The World According to Nassim Taleb

Interview by Joe Kolman