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November 1997 || Vol.2, No.10

Wendy Brewer's Newest Deal

SPDRs Are Crawling Their Way Up The Volume Charts

Regulatory Watch
The Congressional FASB Ambush

Latin Notes
Calling for the End of Latin Brady Bonds

Exchange Notes

Managing Upside Risk
Lee Puschaver and Robert Eccles explain how taking too little risk

Book Review
A Cautionary Tale
"Stripped of the hyperbole, the book provides the reader with some insight into the worst excesses of the derivatives business in the early 1990s—albeit fairly narrowly focused and with evident bias.”
Reviewed by Satyajit Das


Tigers in Chains
The nascent Southeast Asian derivatives markets were dealt a bitter blow as the currency crisis in Thailand spread across the region. But the good news is derivatives dealers always rise to a challenge.
By Margaret Elliott

Riding The Canadian Yield Curve
Canadian Exchanges Jockey for Position
By Robert Hunter

Early Industry Reaction To F.I.A.S.C.O.

An Excerpt

"My bosses were avid skeet shooters, constantly practicing at their private skeet shooting clubs. When they screamed, ‘Pull!' they imagined a client flying through the air.”

The World According to Frank Partnoy


November 1997 || Derivatives Technology

Tech Notes
SunGard Gobbles Infinity... Panorama's Excel Wrapper... Integration Time-Series Data... Errata

Test Drive
FNX On a Diet
Focus' wide functionality and a skinny price tag may be just the thing for lowerend users

Honey, I Shrunk the Client
By Karen Spinner

New Kids on the BlocK
By Karen Spinner