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October 1997 || Vol.2, No.9

Bridge News Vs. CIBC

Asia in Turmoil
How multinationals are coping with the currency crisis.

Regulatory Watch
IRS Blows Up Short-Against-The-Box
Plus: Pro Market: RIP

Asian Notes
Pumping up Japanese Yields
Local investors are trying out new techniques to boost returns. By Margaret Elliott

European Notes
Euro Contract Fever
With EMU getting closer and closer, lawyers are hard at work on the details. By Margaret Elliott

Exchange Notes
Now, the Dow
Will the new contracts on the Dow attract retail investors? By Robert Hunter

Tech Notes
Neural Nets for the MBS Market
The Software Vendor Body Count
Plus: MINT and TIBCO together … FTI's The

Book Review
The Econometrics of Financial Markets, The Handbook of Exotic Options, Interest Rate Option Models, Exotic Options


Inside the Secret World of Hedge
Massive—and largely unregulated—investment funds are using derivatives more and more to increase leverage and boost yields.
By Andrew Webb

The derivatives Job Market

By Robert Hunter

The Case of the Missing 10 Pounds
In which Sherlock Holmes explains forward pricing, options theory and other financial arcana.
By John Price
With apologies to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The World According to James Lam


Synthetic Event Analysis
Jim MeVay and Chris Turner explain how to create more realistic ways to stress-test portfolios.

Listed Strategies
Do-It-Yourself Spread Options
Markus Kreer, head of the Derivatives Strategy Group at Union Bank of Switzerland, Zurich, explains how to construct a low-cost calendar spread option in the futures market.