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July–August 1997 || Vol.2, No.7

Letters to the editor
CNA Enters The Hedging Business
Two New Risk Consultancies

Index LEAPS Pick Up Speed
Traders: Check Your Hunches …
A New Alternative to Vanilla Swaps

Regulatory Watch
Pro Market on the Ropes

Tech Notes
Here Comes Godzilla: CastleNet's Beast
Adds to FEA's Add-in … Summit on NT … CMS's BondEdge

European Notes
Europe Wakes Up To Overnight Swaps

Asian Notes
China's Oil Might Becomes Visible

Exchange Notes
Internet Exchange Challenges Chicago
CBOT Wins the Dow Derby …
CME-DTC up For Sale … Dandy Rand?

Credit Derivatives —Five Years Out


Corporates Grapple with Independent Valuation
By Margaret Elliott

The Public Lynching of
Thomas Zimmerman

The fall of a former pension fund officer proves that derivatives is still a four-letter word.
By Robert Hunter

The World According to Lee Wakeman

Derivatives Strategy - Tutorial
A Global Solution for Risk Management
Sponsored by Cedel Bank


The VAR Debate:
Matching Objectives with the Application
Gordon Yeager explains how value-at-risk can be used as a corporate forecasting tool.

Back Office
Minimizing Operations Risk
Wendy Brewer explains how to assign responsibilities... and the risks of doing it wrong.