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September 1996 || Vol.1, No.9

Risk-taking On and Off the Track...And Making the World a Better Place
Plus: Derivatives bummer.

Test Your Risk Acumen!
Plus: Chase Enters the VAR Wars...Does size really matter?

Research Highlights
Why Index-Collar-Type Hedges May Rebound...Critical Looks at Tactical Asset Allocation

Regulatory Watch
A Risk Management Primer for Investors
Plus: Local Govs Warned

Test Drive
MicroHedge: Small is Beautiful, Functional and Popular

Tech Notes
Glassco Park's long-awaited FinancialCad.

Exchange Notes
Products for Yield Curve Plays.

FASB Fallout
End-users viewpoint


FASB's Other Initiative
New asset securitization rules could help structure new products and restructure old ones.


Inside the Federal Home Loan Bank

The FHLB System funds mortgages and affordable housing using a smart and sophisticated derivatives strategy.
By Jim Cataldo

Is There Life After FASB?

The Financial Accounting Standards Board's proposed standard will hit some derivatives markets particularly hard. But in the long run, the gains may offset the losses.
By Nilly Ostro-Landau


When TSA and Analytic merged earlier this year,it was a marriage of equals: equally enthusiastic about the power and efficiency of derivatives.
By Simon Boughey

The World According to Gary Perlin

Interview by Simon Boughey