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July/August 1996 || Vol.1, No.8

Mobil's Glaeser Joins Deloitte
Plus: Changing of the Guard at MLDB...Equity Derivative Pioneer Gets Muscle

End-Users Blast SEC
Plus: World Bank Loans Go Multicurrency...Mark To Market Gains New Ground...European Exchanges Turn Up the Heat...The Fed Cleans Up the Risk Capital Mess..."D" Word Substitute Found!

Regulatory Watch
Ohio's Derivatives Basher: Kenneth J. Blackwell

Test Drive
Palisade Takes Add-in Science to New Heights with @Risk

Tech Notes
Virtual data warehousing comes to derivatives.

Insurance Companies Test the Waters


Money Management
Hedging Imperfect Baskets
Donald Schlesinger and Robert Krause of Morgan Stanley explain the intricacies.

A New Legal Structure for Credit Support.
Robert M. McLaughlin, a partner with the law firm of Eaton & Van Winkle, explains why revisions of New York State law could help derivatives innovation.

Mastering The ISDA Master
Daniel Cunningham, a partner at Cravath, Swaine & Moore, explains the best ways to use the ISDA Master Agreement.


Raising the Dead in Latin America

Derivatives used by Latin corporates and U.S. equity index investors are helping resurrect the Latin American capital markets.
By James Lacey

Plus: FX Nondeliverable Forwards: Latin Hedge Vehicle of Choice.
By John Thackray

Moving Alpha

Alpha - the outperformance from manager skill - is hard to find. So when you've got it in one asset class, why not move it where you want?
By Miriam Bensman

The Year of the Range Box

It's the hottest FX trade of 1996 and will be until the markets become choppy again.
By Barclay Leib

The World According to Merton Miller

Interview by Simon Boughey