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June 1996 || Vol.1, No.7

Todd Buchholz: Tiger's White House advisor
Plus: Nancy Nakovick...Doug Harris...Lynne Minard

Webs vs. Country Baskets: A Turtle Sprint?
Plus: Reuters Bulks Up RiskMetrics...Hedge Fund Returns Up; CTA Returns Down...Regulatory Fears Move to London...Research Highlights.

Regulatory Watch
P&G v. BT: The Debate Continues.

Test Drive
Taking Summit Systems for a Spin
Our Drivers: William Margrabe, Edward Hida and Paul Quirk.

Tech Notes
Leading Market Technologies...Derivex...Astrogamma...Kalahari Software...Midas-Kapiti...CBOE

Do the Basle Market Risk Proposals Make Sense?


The State of the Law After Procter & Gamble v. Bankers Trust.


Rude Awakening

Some CFOs hate the headaches listed stock options bring. But maybe they should consider the demonstrable benefits, like the valuable market insight of their options specialist.
By Tina Ruyter

Electric Utilities Retool for the Future

With new futures contracts, the wide-open spaces of financial risk management and derivatives hold promise for the electricity industry.
By James Lacey

Why you don't need a Triple-A Subsidiary

Unless you're a big player with lots of clout, don't bother. Nowadays, you can always buy space in someone else's DPC.
By Simon Boughey

The World According to Satyajit Das

Interview by Simon Boughey

End-User Profile

Cops on the Beat at Bank of America
By John Thackray