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May 1996 || Vol.1, No.6

New Broom at the Common Fund
Plus: Pioneer Gets New Challenge...Hot Derivatives Hedge Fund is Born...Big Ticket Integrator...To Profit From an Ill Wind

Chalk up another vote for Precommitment
Is Your Wardrobe Ready for Casual Fridays?
Plus: Sumitomo Online...Wacky Wisconsin.

Regulatory Watch
Has FASB Laid Another Egg?

Test Drive
Risk Management Debuts on the Internet
http:www.integral.com's debut this month promises small corporates swift and low-cost risk management analysis.
By Maureen Callahan, Ph.D.

Regional Banks and Derivatives
How do you spell plain vanilla?


Credit Risk
Credit Derivatives Primer
Blythe Masters explains how credit derivatives are simpler than you think

Pension Funds
Defining Time Horizons
Murali Ramaswami explains how risk can change when viewed through time perspectives.

Prepayment Model Risk
Teri Geske warns what can happen when your model's prepayment assumptions go awry.


Resolving the Dealer-User Conflict

End-Users Speak Out
A roundtable discussion with: Bill Miller, director of General Motors Investment Management Corporation; Sue Becht, treasurer of Duke Power; Kevin MacKenzie, associate general counsel of Freddie Mac; Kathleen Mullarkey, general counsel for the Federal Farm Credit Bank.

Defending Principals & Practices
A talk with Ernest Patrikis, first vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The Drafting Committee Responds
Gay Evans, managing director, Bankers Trust International and Lewis Teel, executive vice president, Bank of America.

Fire Over Chicago

The Collateral Management Wars.
Both the CME and the CBOT think their systems will solve collateral headaches. Probably only one will survive. But what about the banks that are already in the business?
By Simon Boughey

Welcome to the 'Mature' Job

The Gold Rush may be over, but job hunting isn't the wasteland of two years ago.
By John Thackray

End-User Profile

Northern Exposure
With a big appetite for finance in a small capital market, Ontario's surefooted treasury must employ creative derivative strategies to get what it needs.
By Simon Boughey