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April 1996 || Vol.1, No.5

Leeson's Turn
Plus: Paul Tudor Jones quits the software business...Triple-A Sub Guru Flies Solo...Harpal Sandhu's Internet Vision Thing

Does the World Need Another Internet Index? Maybe So.
Plus: Coopers & Lybrand's weighty marketing tool...No dealer liability fix...Software Pirates Get Amnesty...Surveys show strong upsurge of users.

Regulatory Watch
The Fed's New Risk Report Card
The most restrictive investment policies in the country have dealers eating dust.

Test Drive
Energy Dealers: Your Software Is Ready Now
Reviews: ZAI*NET, Sava Risk Management, Primo Systems, Triple Point Tech. Inc., SHL Systems House.

Regional Banks and Derivatives
How do you spell plain vanilla?


Making VAR More Flexible
Mark Garman explains how delta value-at-risk can help traders and risk managers use VAR more effectively.

Myths That Aren't
Christopher Bourdain responds to an article by NYU professor Ian Giddy in our February Issue.


Adapting VAR to the Corporate Jungle

Corporates and pension funds are trying to transplant value-at-risk techniques from the banking world. Will the graft take, or is VAR too rarefied a thing for the real world?
By Karen Spinner

Masters of FX

Trading the New FX Markets.
By Barclay Leib

Guarding GE's FX Downside.
By Susan Arterian


The World According to Leo Melamed

Interview by Joe Kolman