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February 1996 || Vol.1, No.3

The Gadfly of Equity Options
Plus: ISDA's Men on the Hill...Unocal's Top Hedger.

World's Most Expensive University.
Plus: Sakura Dellsher's school of hard knocks.

Regulatory Watch
SEC Cracks the Whip
The Sec's new proposal for derivatives disclosure goes beyond FAS 119. The question is: does it go too far?

Is Financial Innovation Dying?


Listed Products
Playing the Peso
The Merc's Peso is a big success with traders. But hedgers are still on the sidelines.

Forensic Compliance
Jay Biancamano, head of derivatives compliance at Chemical Securties, explains better surveillance.

FX Options Myths
Ian H. Giddy, Senior Fellow at New York University's Stern School of Business, explains when corporates should NOT use options.


Rev Up Your Spreadsheet

The sheer number and variety of the spreadsheet add-ins on the market create buyer confusion. Derivatives Strategy offers a guided tour of the industry's top seven packages.
By Alex Kleiner & Michael Kang

Insurers Play the Equity-Indexed Game

With margins razor thin and interest-rate risk unsettling, insurers are creating annuities linked to equity indices. And yes, that means selling structured derivatives to retail.
By Miriam Bensman

The World According to Ezra Zask

Interview by Joe Kolman