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The magazine is gone... but DerivativesStrategy.com is still the largest online source of derivatives information
Joe Kolman Derivatives Strategy (1992-2001) was a widely-praised publication that focused on the global derivatives market from a US perspective. It was written in easy-to-follow language for people who actually use derivatives products — not the quants who designed them.

I closed the publication when we lost most of our advertising in the aftermath of the tech crash. But the entire collection of articles on derivatives and derivatives technology retains its value. Even now, the site remains among the top derivatives sites on Google and Yahoo and receives thousands of unique visitors each week.

If you'd like more information integrating its information into your site, please send a note to joekolman@yahoo.com.

Joe Kolman

Inside DerivativesStrategy.com

Five years of the best articles in Derivatives Strategy

. Trading Scandals
. Live From the Trading Desk
. VAR and Its VARiations
. VAR's Chief Critic Gets to Say "I Told You So"
. The World According to the Numerati
. The Derivatives Hall of Fame
. Credit Risk Under the Microscope
. Geek Speak Translated
. Derivatives Comix
. The E-Commerce Revolution
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